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28th February 2014 8pm
at Bromsgrove
14th February 2014
Naomi Reynolds dances to 7th Quartet
14th February 2014
3:00 pm in London

Patron, Presidents and Committee of the Robert Simpson Society


Angela Simpson


David Matthews web site

President Emeritus

John McCabe web site


Phil Lesh web site

Malcolm MacDonald †

Recently-appointed Vice-President Malcolm MacDonald died on 27 May 2014 at Leckhampton Hospice. He was a devoted Simpsonian from fairly early on, and his enthusiasm in promoting neglected composers made him equal in spirit to Bob himself. He will leave a big gap in British music history which can never be filled and will much be missed.

Miriam MacEwan (née Simpson)

Professor Ronald Stevenson web site

Matthew Taylor web site

Vice-Presidents and Committee Members

Dr Graham Melville-Mason

Professor Dr Lionel Pike

Committee Members

Dr Jürgen Schaarwächter (Chairman and Editor of Tonic)

David Jones (Vice-Chairman and Secretary)

Gary Jobsey (Treasurer)

Martin Anderson

Robert Hill

Rosemary Hill

Martin Holmes (Archivist) e-mail

Donald Macauley


Raymond Luckhurst, Scriptit Ltd (acting webmaster) e-mail