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20th October 2018 at 3:30pm
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Obituaries and Tributes


Internet editions that carry an online obituary are linked via the name of the newspaper.

The Times of London (Saturday November 22nd) (to access this article, register, go to the library section, retrieve the Nov 22nd edition and go to the obituaries section)

The Daily Telegraph (Saturday November 22nd 1997)

The Guardian (Monday November 24th 1997), a copy of the article

The Independent (Monday November 24th 1997)

Gramophone (February 1998)

The April edition of Leading Notes (the Robert Simpson Society newsletter), contains over 40 obituaries and tributes written by friends, colleagues and musicians.

The February edition of New Music News (the newsletter of the Contemporary Music Centre in Ireland).

Obituary for Robert Simpson, Tempo No 203.


From friends and colleagues

From the Vanbrugh Quartet

From Paul Rapoport

A tribute from Robert Layton apeared in the February edition of Gramophone

From the internet

From Bob Lieblich (in response to a posting of the obituary in The Times)

From Steve Wolk

From Brian Ritchie

From Richard Wolfert

From John Arthurs

From Steve Meikle