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28th February 2014 8pm
at Bromsgrove
14th February 2014
Naomi Reynolds dances to 7th Quartet
14th February 2014
3:00 pm in London

A Tribute from Robert Lieblich

The *Times* obituary posted by Janos Gereben mentioned Simpson as an advocate of Nielsen and Brucker, and no doubt he was, but he was also an advocate of several British composers, none more so than Havergal Brian. I don't know the full extent of his efforts on Brian's behalf, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Simpson is more responsible than any other person for the Brian revival of the last two or three decades.

His greatness extended well beyond his composing, and given the quality of his compositions that is greatness indeed. I'll be listening to the Ninth Quartet tonight, in memoriam.

Bob Lieblich
(in response to a posting of the obituary in The Times)

24 November 1997